Frequently Asked Questions

Here at the Mac Clinic we get asked a lot of questions when someone wants to bring in a computer to get some work done. These are some of the most frequently asked questions:


Q. Do I need to bring in any cables, mice or peripherals? 

A. No, we have all of that here.


Q. How can i tell if my computer still has warranty coverage?

A. The easiest way to tell is to call or come  in with your machine’s serial number (can be found under about this mac, under apple logo in top left of desktop. if your computer monitor doesn’t work then look on bottom of computer)


Q. What is an ''Apple ID''?

A. This is a user name and password used for apple services including : iTunes, iCloud , App Store services ( user id is always an email account format ex.)


Q. What happens if i forget my Apple ID password?

A. Please refer to Reset Apple ID Password to reset your password or Manage Apple ID to try suspected password for Apple ID.


Q. My email stopped working, how do I fix it?

A. This is a multi faceted issue. First, make sure you have the right password as this is the most common error. Next check to make sure you have a stable Internet connection and if the problem still persists bring the effected computer in with your email address, password and inbound and outbound server settings (some email accounts need this info for a manual setup. most can be obtained from your email provider.) Having this information can drastically reduce the time required to troubleshoot the issue.


Q. My computer is my life, do I have to leave it overnight?

A. We understand how important your computer is, in some cases we can get the computer back to you the same day but typical turn around time for diagnostic is 24 hours. This ensures that we have ample time to identify and treat maintenance issues. For best results, bring in computer at start of business (9AM Mon-Friday).


Q. Why should I buy my computer from you?

A. Here at the Mac Clinic we stay competitive by offering all of the same products you love at the same price as Apple online and store retail shops. This can in most cases be cheaper than Apple stores if you are local to Sedona and surrounding areas because you will not need to drive for hours to get to an Apple Store.


For any further questions give us a call at (928) 282-5606 or just come in, no appointment necessary!


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