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Mac Clinic

HomePod mini

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360-degree Audio

Get set for an enthralling aural experience, as the HomePod mini will fill your room with 360-degree audio that sounds great from almost every angle! Its boundary-pushing computational audio will help in creating the tone of a larger speaker.

Fits Anywhere

Wrapped in a perfectly seamless mesh fabric, the HomePod mini is an attractive addition to your home. Oh, and its backlit touch surface on the top will ensure a quick and easy control. If you have multiple HomePod mini speakers in the house, you can even have a connected sound system for your home!

Works Seamlessly with Apple Devices

The HomePod mini will work effortlessly with other Apple devices such as your MacBook and iPhone. Heading out? You can continue listening to your podcast via your iPhone. All you have to do is bring your phone close to the HomePod mini to continue listening. Oh, and you can even perform various chores at home with the help of Siri.

Voice Intercom

Easily communicate with your family members using your voice. You can use the Intercom feature if you have multiple HomePods in your house.

Trusted Assistant

The HomePod mini will keep your personal information safe so it is an assistant who you can trust and make a part of your daily routine.